Tumblr Homepage Features the Rock Band FREE – Fantastic !!

Thank you Tumblr for popping the photo of Free onto your homepage

Since I am a Social Network strategist and SEO thingy guy I am all over the net. Today I came across Tumblr’s homepage and something caught my eye. Something very familiar. Holy Sh**! They’ve posted a photo of an old Free Record!! Check it out below.

Huge thumbs up to you Tumblr for recognizing one of the greatest heavy blues bands ever to walk the earth.

I am a huge Metal Fan. But there is one band that I was introduced to when I was quite young and has been with me ever since. The band is FREE. And please, the song All Right Now is okay sure, but it is NOTHING like their other material and b-side tunes. Paul Rogers’ unbelievable voice along side Paul Kossoff’s (RIP) wailing often weeping guitar is something I’ve not found since. No one has recreated this sound.

Check out a couple tracks:

Fire and Water:

One of my absolute favorite songs. Especially Pauls voice..


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