Don’t Get Fired Over a New Website – SEO Web Site Transition – part 1


I am an Internet Marketer; but I also love adventure racing, trail running and mountain biking. I am a father, lunatic, orienteer and generally a 'do anything outdoors' kinda guy. Let's get in touch. Hit those icons to the left!

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  • This is a useful article. I’m always looking for valuable resources to share with clients and the construction community, and your post is definitely worth sharing!

  • GoGetIt

    I found this article very helpful and have built this inventory of value pages. “Next piece I’ll go into detail on what to do with all this data.” Any word on when the next piece is coming? Thanks so much for the guidance. In the middle of a redesign and want to avoid the post-launch traffic plummet.

  • What makes an article marketing strategy productive is market reach. Make best use of all web syndication methods out there and have your thinking dispersed.

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