SEO is Bullshit or So it Appears to Many


I am an Internet Marketer; but I also love adventure racing, trail running and mountain biking. I am a father, lunatic, orienteer and generally a 'do anything outdoors' kinda guy. Let's get in touch. Hit those icons to the left!

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  • Jack

    Sooo, if you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say it at all.
    SOrry, you post is toooo much like a SEO search engine grab.
    Only search engines will read your post. You need to post to your readers, not search engines.
    I am surprised you work at Falcon, or maybe you don’t anymore.

  • Admin

    Hey! Cheers for the comment Jack. You sound like a remarkably intelligent Proboscis monkey. Your mom must be so proud. You should come round the office, we can have a chat about SEO and whatnot.