Google Search Results Showing Site Reviews – Is your site seeing Stars ??

While searching around for a website looking for trends and competitive information I came across something that I’ve never seen before in the Google Search Results Pages (SERPS). While searching for ‘Office Coffee Services’ I found this at position #189.

Google Search Results Showing Testimonial and Review Data

Google Search Results Showing Testimonial and Review Data

Pretty crazy hey. I confirmed with a colleague of mine who had never seen that before. I also want to confirm that i have all of my Add-Ons turned off and all tool bars disabled. I spent quite sometime attempting to locate a particular firefox plugin which may have been adding this information. However, this element was not seen in the previous 180 Search Engine Results and I could not recreate the issue with a fresh search. I was only able to return to the page by retrieving the URL from my web history. See for yourself if you are able to locate the result. This is pretty exciting info!

Screenshot Confirming URL for Review Data in Google SERPS

Screenshot Confirming URL for Review Data in Google SERPS

Note that the result is serving using the “&gl=US” variable which attempts to retrieve results as if I was searching from within the greater United States. Further I was not logged in to my Google profile, and restarted Firefox numerous times.

Please feel free to hammer the comments with your own experiences here. I was examining the website as well and they are very much optimized, incorporating the < LINK = CANONICAL > tag in the HEAD area which is very current in the SEO game. Still with 139 W3C HTML Validation errors, there are some areas of improvement to move them up in the Search Engine Rankings.

All in all, a very clean looking website and congratulations to the team behind the review technology. I’ll be digging deeper into this for sure!!

Check out their Office Coffee Services if you’re in the Seattle area.

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