Facebook News Feed Showing up in Google Web Alerts

Recently I’ve been watching google alerts for a film production company that I’m helping out with some online work, primarily with branding and community building. Part of the exercise was to watch for well written and unique reviews of the films that they’ve been responsible for.

When starting to build a community it is crucial to share some net love by referring to external sites, blogs and publications which directly compliment your own writing. At any rate, I was expecting mostly blog posts, new site content, new aggregators and feeds related to my keyword triggers.

I was definitely surprised when I noticed that Google Alerts had flagged a ‘news feed entry’ from the Facebook page which I also administer. Based on the URL the flagged page was beyond the main Brand page URL which confirmed that the crawlers were following the news feed links and capturing them independently. Well this is obvious but I had been following alerts for the Banger Films brand name and had not yet seen any triggers for their Facebook page. Oddly enough, the link was for the Brazilian local Facebook page.


At any rate, I’m also testing some posting features here so feel free to flame the blog at random. I’ll be linking out to a crap load of great reviews and posts from around the metal world for posts related to anything related to Banger Films, Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, Flight 666 or Global Metal.

Peace, Keep Raging!

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