Enquisite Search Analytics Changes Name to Eightfold Logic

In a complete stunner (personally speaking) Enquisite has relaunched their website under the new company name of Eightfold Logic. Having spent hundreds of hours combing through Enquisite data and extolling the vertues of the amazing clarity used in their Search Engine Traffic reports, I can’t hide the fact that it is with a heavy heart that I witness the death of a brand name. So good bye Enquisite and hello to you eightfold logic.

Poor Enquisite

Enquisite ... A Unique and Inquisitive Program

Working from the SEO side of the river I would have a great deal of difficulty clearly defining high priority SEO targets if not for the logic employed by the Optimizer piece of the Enqusite… D’oh.. I mean eightfold logic (doesn’t seem to roll of the toungue like Enquisite does). Anyway, the simple interface allows me to drill into the specific phrasing which are exclusive to secondary landing pages and from which page in the SERPS they were clicked from. I hear the GooG is expanding it’s feature set however, as I’ve said in the past, they have the ‘Post Click’ behaviour market locked, and I’m still loyal to En…  arhh.  eightfold for the ‘Pre Click’ data which I have yet to find a replacement for.

In the big picture I suppose there are congratulations in order for Richard, Greg and the entire Enq team holed up in the Govt St office. I hope this leads to more trips to San Fran for EVERYONE!!

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