Ankles and Ultras


What the?? Where am I? What happened to 2014?? Okay then… Let’s try this again, 2014 was impeccable. I can’t describe how many world changing things happened in my life during that year (okay, I’ll try). In summary, I continued to spend a great deal of time with a super gorgeous, driven and monster athlete, […]

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What are 3 Crucial Considerations for a New Website Plan


Original source (which I wrote. ) We love backtracking to fix things right? Ya, me to. On a website a backtrack can cost thousands and sometimes a renders a complete rewrite. Really though, it would have to be a monumental fail to require a full rebuild, but I’ve seen it happen with terrible planning and […]

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I’m Going to Run a What?!


I’m going to run .. a marathon on May 4th in Vancouver. Yeps. I’m in my 40th year (39 Forever Baby!) and a few years ago I emerged from the ashes with a promise to myself that I would start to appreciate life a little bit more. That starts with physical health. I started by […]

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