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Tumblr Homepage Features the Rock Band FREE – Fantastic !!

Since I am a Social Network strategist and SEO thingy guy I am all over the net. Today I came across Tumblr’s homepage and something caught my eye. Something very familiar. Holy Sh**! They’ve posted a photo of an old

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Don’t Get Fired Over a New Website – SEO Website Transition Part 2

Website Transition Recap In my last article I had described in detail what sorts of risks were present when looking specifically at website traffic during a redesign. Assuming that the Page URL’s, site navigation and page content may change, this

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Don’t Get Fired Over a New Website – SEO Web Site Transition – part 1

Okay, after reading over my last post I realized that I was touching on a subject that deserves considerably more time to commit to. This was an extremely condensed collection of strategies and information transitioning from an old website to

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Don’t Let Google Crawl Your Secure Pages – FIFA Case Study

Over the course of the day I may use one of 3 browsers fairly often to have a look at any manner of website. Sometimes I’m simply frustrated at the memory sucking of Firefox or confused as to why there

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Warning Facebook Suspected Phishing Site

Thank you Chrome for keeping me protected. I don’t know what I would do without you.