Californication and Slayer – Metal has a Friend at Showtime

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How’s the Package

Here’s a link to one of my favorite parts in any Californication episodes. At around :40 Becca is raging to Slayer’s Reign in Blood opening riff. You’ll just have to weed through the Vasectomy piece. :)

As well I found another astute Californication watching Metal head who picked out some similar elements from the show. Check it out here. Nice going man.

*original post.

At the beginning of December I spent a few days in Los Angeles. I spent my nights at the Venice Beach Hostel, a very friendly and secure older hotel situated right on the beach at 25 Windward Ave. Killer legit Mexican food on the corner there as well. Frijoles y arroz in the morning, oh yea!

So a friend posted a comment on one of the photos that I had shared on my FB profile while hanging out in LA before heading up to Yucca Valley, land of the Joshua Trees. I happened to score a room at the Venice Beach hostel right on the beach just past the iconic ‘VENICE’ sign which spans across Windward Ave which is featured in the opening credits during each episode. I was dropping a few pics around the beach and the piers and whatnot (can you say rows of pinball on Santa Monica Pier?!! Come On!!)

Hostel is the large white building left of center with the arches. Brilliant setting.

The comment on the photo referred to the Showtime series, Californication starring David Dukovney and a slew of guest stars including Henry Rollins and Rick Springfield. Yep, you guessed it .. “Wishing I had Jessie’s Girl !!” The show is definitely of the adult variety and it wasn’t long before certain elements popped up in the writing which hooked me for the long haul.

First off Dukovney’s character Hank Moody is a relatively well known author of a novel entitled God Hates us All. Ya, I’m thinking, I’ve heard that before. A fantastic throwback record by LA’s Slayer. Ironically the story wad adapted to film with the title ‘A Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ starring Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.. (ouch). A complete contrast from the sordid and sexually explicit topics repeated throughout the story. At any rate Slayer is featured several times through the series.

One episode features a radio interview with Hank Moody and none other than Henry Rollins. During the interview, Rollins questions Hank regarding his next novel and names his series of books; South of Heaven, Seasons in the Abyss and Got Hates us All. Check it out in the series episode 5 of Season one. Amazing dialogue on communication and the internet. Ah HELL! here’s the scene. This rocks!

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