Californication and Slayer – Metal has a Friend at Showtime


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  • Just loving this connection

  • Goblin22

    One of the best damn shows on TV and certainly in the top 3 of shows that still going, X-Files will be a footnote for Duchovney. Love all the references and smart writing. If you are my age or thereabouts (late 30’s) you will love this shit.

  • Roel

    in the house of Lou Ashby you’ll see a few Slayer tour posters on the walls (unholy alliance), and the book by bates “blood and thunder”, is also a song by Mastodon who toured with Slayer a few times, including the unholy alliance tour!

  • Admin

    Hey, thanks for the comment! Wow, took a while hey?! Absolutely love all the Slayer and Metal references. Rebecca’s Dark Throne shirt in season one blew my mind. 🙂