Ankles and Ultras


What the?? Where am I? What happened to 2014?? Okay then…

Let’s try this again, 2014 was impeccable. I can’t describe how many world changing things happened in my life during that year (okay, I’ll try). In summary, I continued to spend a great deal of time with a super gorgeous, driven and monster athlete, or I should say, desperately tried to keep up to… I ran my first full marathon and 2 weeks later ran my first 50K ultra marathon. In June we competed in our first ever 24 hour orienteering ROGAINE event near Kamloops. That was incredible! Generally pushed myself harder and longer than I ever have from an endurance perspective.

I should have written reports on each and every event from last year and I’ll be making a determined effort to build an archive here. Sort of a ‘what the back of the packer’ gets up to.

After a terrible ankle sprain on my birthday run (followed by an ill advised additional 5-8k trail running on said ankle) I was hobbled for a few weeks. Finally I can claim some relatively flat km’s and am starting to feel a little better. My training for the next race is badly handicapped, so I’ll just try to make the most of it and set my sights on my A race in Yakima.


I’ll be back to update this thing more often. What are you up to? Any races coming up? :) Who am I joking, no one reads this fucking thing.

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