What am I? Why does this blog exist? I’ll figure that out sometime in the next few years as I spill whatever it is that I feel like spilling. This blog’s identity will shift from one extreme to the other so I’ll take some cue’s from anyone that manages to find their way here and feels like commenting or engaging.

Life – I am at my most absolute happiest on an adventure race, mini-rogaine orienteering race or just riding new trails in the wilderness with a close friend. Approaching 40, I’ve started to appreciate trail running to a whole new degree and have ultra-running ambitions. Ain’t no ‘roadie’.

Music – I have managed to sculpt my musical interests contrary to popular demand. At a very young age I was introduced to the power of Brutally Heavy Metal and on the other side, the Drum and Bass assault found in Reggae music. Since I was 9 music has been a fundamental element in my life thanks to my parents who grew up during the English Invasion in Liverpool and drifted to Canada with some musical influences that stick with me to this day.


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Content Marketer at Falcon-Software
I am an Internet Marketer; but I also love adventure racing, trail running and mountain biking. I am a father, lunatic, orienteer and generally a 'do anything outdoors' kinda guy. Let's get in touch. Hit those icons to the left!