Sage Stomp 6 Hour Mini Rogaine – Gardens Creek Ranch

Sage Stomp Mini Rogaine/Score O pre-race Briefing. Photo: Bruce Rennie

After loads of hints dropped and a semi-successful decision on how to get to Savona with minimal work time lost, we headed back out to the area where we completed our first full 24 Hour Rogaine last year. The area around Savona could be classified as desert. A far cry from the 7 foot salal […]

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Ankles and Ultras


What the?? Where am I? What happened to 2014?? Okay then… Let’s try this again, 2014 was impeccable. I can’t describe how many world changing things happened in my life during that year (okay, I’ll try). In summary, I continued to spend a great deal of time with a super gorgeous, driven and monster athlete, […]

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What are 3 Crucial Considerations for a New Website Plan


Original source (which I wrote. ) We love backtracking to fix things right? Ya, me to. On a website a backtrack can cost thousands and sometimes a renders a complete rewrite. Really though, it would have to be a monumental fail to require a full rebuild, but I’ve seen it happen with terrible planning and […]

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I’m Going to Run a What?!


I’m going to run .. a marathon on May 4th in Vancouver. Yeps. I’m in my 40th year (39 Forever Baby!) and a few years ago I emerged from the ashes with a promise to myself that I would start to appreciate life a little bit more. That starts with physical health. I started by […]

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SEO is Bullshit or So it Appears to Many

SEO?? ... WTF is That ??!!

Okay that was a cheap title grab. It is an ode to a killer article written by my former boss and mentor. This article is basically to endorse the reality that there is a crap load of Bullshit SEO work being implemented out there. And unfortunately the clients are unaware that they are not receiving […]

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