Caorda Time Lord – A Forgotten Relic of the Time War

Behold the Caorda Time Lord.

Ankles and Ultras

What the?? Where am I? What happened to 2014?? Okay then… Let’s try this again, 2014 was impeccable. I can’t describe how many world changing things happened in my life during that year (okay, I’ll try). In summary, I continued

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What are 3 Crucial Considerations for a New Website Plan

Original source (which I wrote. ) We love backtracking to fix things right? Ya, me to. On a website a backtrack can cost thousands and sometimes a renders a complete rewrite. Really though, it would have to be a monumental

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What are Zero Drop Running Shoes – Altra – Going Long in Flats

After a ton of reading I decided on my latest trail runners; the Altra Lone Peak 1.5’s. Last year I made a significant change to my running style and migrated (gradually) to landing on my mid-foot instead of pounding away

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I’m Going to Run a What?!

I’m going to run .. a marathon on May 4th in Vancouver. Yeps. I’m in my 40th year (39 Forever Baby!) and a few years ago I emerged from the ashes with a promise to myself that I would start

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MOMAR Cumberland 2013 – Race Report – Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race

OK, holy wow, that was hard… Well, that’s to be expected. This time, Bryan and the MOMAR planning team brewed up a new kind of hurt for us to navigate through. The attrition rate at CP #12 was intense with

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Tumblr Homepage Features the Rock Band FREE – Fantastic !!

Since I am a Social Network strategist and SEO thingy guy I am all over the net. Today I came across Tumblr’s homepage and something caught my eye. Something very familiar. Holy Sh**! They’ve posted a photo of an old

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SEO is Bullshit or So it Appears to Many

Okay that was a cheap title grab. It is an ode to a killer article written by my former boss and mentor. This article is basically to endorse the reality that there is a crap load of Bullshit SEO work

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Don’t Get Fired Over a New Website – SEO Website Transition Part 2

Website Transition Recap In my last article I had described in detail what sorts of risks were present when looking specifically at website traffic during a redesign. Assuming that the Page URL’s, site navigation and page content may change, this

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Decapitated: From Pain to Strength

Having recently caught Decapitated on the West coast edition of the Summer Slaughter tour, I was brought back to the ever present thoughts of the tragedy which befell these amazingly talented young dudes from Poland. During the set change you can’t help

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Sweet Deals on Killer Gear

These Guys Rock!

TRAIL CONDITIONS FOR ORCAS 100: Hello all, and Happy Orcas 100 Eve! We are excited to get this……

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